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Welcome from Seth o. Lartey

On behalf of the staff and supporters of Seth O. Lartey International Ministries, we welcome you to our website.  It gives me extreme joy to see you here and to extend this welcome to you. 

The Bible teaches us that God desires to call us His friends because friends share a special relationship that encourages, motivates, and empowers those within to reach unlimited potential by sharing in each other’s joys, strengths, and passions.  With that understanding, we at Seth O. Lartey International Ministries count you as our friend. 

We believe that you will leave this site inspired, touched, moved, and impacted to do wonderful things for the cause of Jesus Christ.  Take time out to visit our various departments, projects, and humanitarian works; or if you are in need of inspiration, you can watch our latest teachings or read through our inspirational posts.  Remember, we love you and we are always praying for you in Jesus name!


Neonatal project

Neonatal Death Is When A Baby Dies In The First 28 Days Of Life. If Your Baby Dies This Soon After Birth, You May Have Many Questions About How And Why It Happened. Your Baby’s Health Care Provider Can Help You Learn As Much As Possible About Your Baby’s Death. Neonatal Death Happens In About 4 In 1,000 Babies (Less Than 1 Percent) Each Year In The United States. Non-Hispanic Black Women Are More Likely To Have A Baby Die Than Women Of Other Races Or Ethnicities.

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Strive to offer value rather than just seeking success.

Strive to offer value rather than just seeking success. Written by: Bishop Seth Lartey We are praying for you today that God will bless you and cause abundance and prosperity to flow in your direction. May God enlarge and expand your territory.( 1 Chronicles 4:10)...

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